About The Author

Ninan Mathullah is a graduate of The University of Texas, Houston, in Health Sciences, and holds a Masters Degree (Industrial Fisheries) from University of Cochin, in Science. Currently he is working as a Microbiologist in Public Health in Houston, Texas. He is the Founding President of Community Association for Public Service (CAPS), a growing Community and charitable organization in Houston. He is married with wife Mercy and children, Jerry and Joel.


A poem by the author about his wife that won First Prize in the Valentine Day Poem Writing Competition at work

The missing piece, searching all along
The lost rib, molded by His fingers
An enchanting phenomenon, unveiled in time
Praise Thee, Oh! Life giving Artist

Thou fill my emptiness, complete the story
The open gaps, in the deep puzzle
Traced to a full circle, by His purpose
Praise Thee, Oh! Life giving Spirit

Thou art my own blood, separated by ages
Gathered again, by Divine plan
Purpose of my being, nourished by thy presence
Praise Thee, Oh! Life giving Comforter

That sustains my memories, arise in thy womb
The reward of my life, the divine gift
The flesh of my flesh, the blood of my life
Praise Thee, Oh! Alpha and Omega

Thou art my helpmeet, seek thy comfort here
Spread on this rest, and relish this love
Children dance around, Heaven bend over
Praise Thee, Oh! Provider and Sustainer