A few months ago a friend of mine visiting here, was discussing with me, the political, social and religious issues in his native place. My friend boasted that Pentecostals, to which he belongs, do not get to the street to protest or to hold banner for any political parties. I asked him why you do not get involved in the social and political issues in your community. His reply was, “This will affect our comfort and ease of mind”. To not get involved in the social and political issues facing the community we live in, if it is due to concern for our comfort, is it not selfishness? Selfishness is Sin.

Recently I was talking to a priest and friend of mine about the criterion used in declaring a person as a saint. The No. 1 reason is standing for a public cause, even in the face of threat to his/her life. Jesus says, “There is no love greater than giving his life for his brother”. In the Second World War, Americans and British and others were ready to sacrifice the life of their children for the sake of the freedom we enjoy now. Several races and ethnic groups including mine would have gone to the Gas Chamber if Hitler had won that war. When Hitler took one by one countries of Europe, the major powers were not ready initially to stand up against it, considering it not their problem alone, or didn’t see the consequences, or they didn’t want to get in to trouble with Hitler.

Recently we had the issue of a definition for a legal marriage. By approving Gay marriages, we are digging our own graves. Gays have succeeded in manipulating public opinion by depicting the problem as biological, and that they have no control over it. Some came forward with research studies to prove it (not considering all the variables involved in it). If we take this argument, behavioral problems like prostitution and addiction have to be accepted as genetic tendencies. Behavioral problems need to be conditioned by disapproving such behavior. We are all conditioned as to how to express our genetic sexual instincts. We are digging our own graves here in adopting a different view.

Family is the basic unit of society. What type of children a gay family can mould, and can we entrust our future to such citizens. Can we live here with dignity? I can understand the concerns of parents of Gay children. It is possible that one of my children can show Gay life tendencies in the future due to exposure to them. Let them live here and keep a low profile. They need not come to leadership positions in the community, and we need not esteem or reward such behavior. If not we are digging our own graves. The survival of our human species is in danger. A marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Gay marriage is against Nature. If abortion is killing, Gay life style also has the same result. Population growth can become stagnant and decline in the long run. Once we legalize Gay marriages, even if we want to we can’t take it back.

You might ask why Gay and Lesbian life is immoral. To answer that, we have to consider the purpose of life. Science has nothing to say about the purpose of life. We have to turn to religion, where science has no answers. Before we proceed further we have to consider the age old question- Evolution or Creation. The Truth is only one no matter what you believe. Science could prove nothing so far. We have some theories that are the result of wild imagination. We need more faith to believe these theories than the faith to believe in God. If it is creation by God, there must be a purpose behind it, and we have to turn to religion for the purpose.

If you take theology out of religion, all religions teach basically the same about moral and ethics.

This life is not the end of it. If you indulge in such sinful behavior (sin against God’s natural laws), it affect your long term future. There will be punishment for such sinful behavior. Our society will decline and set. This is the lesson we learn from history.

Some argue that Gay and Lesbian behavior is a sin like any other sin the heterosexuals do. Sin is always a sin, no matter who commit it. The solution is to repent about the sin and try not to do it again. Homosexuals continue to stay in the sinful behavior, and so there is no room for repentance.

Is it due to complacency or indifference that the majority are not getting involved in issues that affect their and their children’s lives here, and voice their concerns?

Our society is a large family. Just like in our own family, parents won’t allow child’s all demands due to its consequence; homosexual choice also can affect his/her future and other children’s future in the society.

One danger in homosexual behavior is that my children can easily get attracted to it by contact with homosexuals, and my ability to prevent is limited. I see my generations perish due to this.

Using drug is a choice that can destroy a person. Destruction does not happen overnight. Can you foresee the effect of approving homosexuality ten years from now, or twenty five years from now?

It is disgusting to watch them kiss in the public. They were ashamed to show that off when society disapproved it. If it is legal, it will be everywhere. We can’t live here in dignity. If this happens in a state many might move to a state where it is not legal. If it is legal in all the states, many might move with their family to a different country where this is not legal. Our ability to raise tax dollars and investment can be at stake. This has not happened yet as its effect is not yet felt here.

We are all citizens of this great country. You have to live in it, and take care of it, and claim it as your own. How you are going to claim this land for yourself? By taking care of its needs! Are you involved in your community? We have a poor opinion of people who get involved, and we call them politicians. Get involved in the Civic organizations in your community- Home Owners Assoc, School Board, City Council, State Legislature and Congress. Field candidates that hold the same values as you hold, and campaign for them, and get out and vote for them. We need watchmen in all these Civic Organizations. Some people call this politics. Whatever we call it, we are meeting the needs of people and the generations to come. All the hospitals, libraries, parks and public institutions of use we enjoy now are the selfless work of some behind it. We remember them, and blessed is the memory of the righteous.

Homosexuals have people in positions of influence and they could manipulate the decision making process. Once homosexuals come to positions of influence, they fill influential positions with their own. With less than three percent of the population, how they managed to have their agenda adopted by Democratic Party Platform? Democratic Party is being used as a tool to get things from red glowing fire. In the name of being modern and progressive, we are going down. It is a sign of end time that people feel pride in things that are disgusting. Moving at this rate I am worried this will lead to the decline of our society and future of our generations.

You might think that I hate Gays and Lesbians. I do not hate Gays and lesbians. I really love them. But I hate their actions against divine natural laws. In love there is rebuke and punishment. We punish our children with good intentions. I love Gays and Lesbians. I like to see that they and their generations have a good future, and are prosperous. It is your children that keep your memory alive. So children are your reward in life. I like to see that they have children that they can claim as their own flesh and blood to keep their memory alive.

If you agree with the contents of this article, please forward to your friends, and do whatever you can to prevent Gays and Lesbians becoming the majority here, a grave danger to our future here.

The above modified article is from “Metamorphosis of an Atheist- A life journey to the Truth’ by Ninan Mathullah (ISBN: 9780984304554)available at, For more info visit